How to access the superhighway of communication

31 Mar 2023 | Blogs | 0 comments

The superhighway of communication. –

I had an amazing conversation a few days ago that wasn’t a coaching conversation. It reminded me just how rare it is to communicate with someone deeply and openly, that you don’t know well. So why don’t we do it more often?

I had never met this person before. Our conversation quickly became very deep, open and honest and at a very fast pace. The rest of the world was put on pause. Everything peripheral to my vision and senses shut down whilst the superhighway of thought and consciousness streamed from us both. Captivated – in the true sense of the word – not through infatuation but being totally present where nothing else exists.

Having reflected on that conversation it prompted me to think about what allows such communication and what prevents us from being able to experience this more fully more often.

The bottom line is we protect ourselves from being vulnerable. In protecting ourselves we are never fully open to the immediate experience. Our fear keeps us potentially safe from those that may want to manipulate us, gain a tactical advantage or profit from our naivety but in doing so we never fully experience true deep connection.

It is true to say I did feel slightly vulnerable after the event. I had shared a lot of personal information but again only what I was comfortable with. Someone once told me nobody can hurt you with anything if you can admit it to yourself. Food for thought and a whole other blog. However, this new relationship was/is safe. It has reopened a door to a level of communication that we usually only use in a coaching conversations. The power of coaching is known for the magical space that is opened up between the two worlds of those having the conversation. One where you can be fully present for the client and offer a safe space where they can in turn be vulnerable and open. This fully present connection opens a normally unavailable space in our thinking to be creative and consciously solution focused.

My challenge to you is to allow yourself times when you can be open to vulnerability more often.  Open your mind to being fully present and experience the joy and power of deep connection.

Dee Wilkinson 31 March 2023


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