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South West Coaching Ltd & Associates


How can coaching help?

Are you looking for Freedom? 

Are you fed up with things the way they are? 

Are you oozing potential and energy but just don't know where to take it? 

Do you feel there must be more to life than this? 

Are you bored with not having clear focus and direction?

Is your business running you? 

Are your profits less than you would like? 

Is that promotion always just out of reach? 

Coaching can help you explore your values and beliefs, your goals and aspirations, and keep you focused to achieve the future you desire. It can help you make sense of the choices you are faced with or the changes you need to make. Just like an athlete needs a coach to help them reach their full potential, we are here to help you meet yours.

We offer high quality coaching that can really empower you to achieve the results you want. Coaching offers the space and reflection for self development, alongside a supportive relationship that enables you to remove the blocks that are keeping you stuck.

"Is there anything in this or will it be a self-indulgent waste of money?" ..find his answer by viewing testimonials on our page  "What our clients say" and see the difference  they have made in their lives. 


  • Coaching - individuals, teams & small business
  • Leadership & Management Development
  • Facilitation
  • 360 Feedback
  • Profiling: DISC - MBTI-PI Reflector-
  • Team Diagnosis & Development   - TMSdI
  • Supervision 
  • Action Learning Sets

In house workshops - Conflict - Assertiveness - Resilience - Coaching Skills for Managers - Managing Your Energy Levels

South West Coaching is one of the leading independent and professional bodies that  provide access to a wealth of experienced, highly trained and professional coaches who will able to take you or your business forward. 

We will be honest about our services and whether they are likely to be of benefit to you. Whilst many of our coaches are based in the South West, we also work nationally and internationally via telephone consultations or Skype, with the same high standards of service expected as in a face to face situation.

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